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A scoutAsia subscription provides you with up-to-the-minute data, news and context on more than 500,000 Asian companies – including all significant private firms – across more than 20 countries in North Asia, South Asia and ASEAN.

Whatever your business, scoutAsia provides the data, analysis and world-class journalism you need to make better informed decisions and to seize opportunities swiftly.


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Why subscribe?

Powered by two of the world’s most respected business news organisations, the Financial Times and Nikkei, scoutAsia helps you discover, target and monitor companies in key Asian markets.

We use the latest machine learning technology to connect company information to relevant news, giving you the power to spot opportunities and track prospects with maximum efficiency.

A scoutAsia subscription will help you:

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    Find information on more than 500,000 companies across Asia

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    Covering every company with at least $10m revenue or 150 employees

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    Build sophisticated lists and searches to monitor companies via global and local news

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    Get up-to-date company alerts

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    View relationship data on companies and how they connect to customers, suppliers, competitors and advisors

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    Reveal connection maps that will graphically lay bare the relationships of your target company (available 2018)

Our news and data sources include:

  • FT.com and other FT group publications
  • Nikkei Asian Review and other Nikkei group specialist titles
  • The world’s leading corporate databases, such as Bureau Van Dijk and FactSet
  • Over 20 English-language Asian news media, including The South China Morning PostYicai and The Hindustan Times
  • Analyst reports from EMIS, FT Confidential Research and other research organisations and consultancies

Who we are

Meet the team

Dan Bogler

Managing Director

More than two decades at the FT, first as a journalist and latterly in commercial roles, have taken Dan on a tour of global financial centres - from London and New York, to Frankfurt, Tokyo and now Hong Kong (again). In their non-digital hours, he and his family play board games, do jigsaw puzzles and listen to records (yes, really).

Yoshi Iwamoto

Vice Managing Director

A Nikkei lifer, Yoshi has worked at the group's database business, for its financial information subsidiary and in London and Beijing. Yoshi has an old (and cute) Jack Russel Terrier, a passion for Szechuan food and - more questionably - an appreciation of baijiu liquor.

Michelle Lombard

Chief Financial Officer

A South African who has made Asia her speciality, Michelle worked for the FT and Pearson in a number of strategy and finance roles before setting up her own consultancy in Hong Kong. When not keeping scoutAsia on the straight and narrow, she can be found scuba diving, Instagramming her photos, or drinking wine (not all at the same time... well, not while diving at least!)

Tsuyoshi Kurokawa

Japanese Sales & Marketing Director

Tsuyoshi started his career at Nikkei as a journalist, covering a variety of institutions, including government offices, the stock exchange and department stores. He was also an editor for Nikkei's TV news program. His experience as Singapore correspondent taught him that English-language news is vital for businesses across Asia and ASEAN. Tsuyoshi prefers quiet weekends in Tokyo, strolling by the river and watching junior league baseball and soccer matches; but his taste in vacations is more exotic and he is planning to retire to Hawaii.

David Cavanagh

Global Sales Director

Based in Hong Kong, David has nearly a decade of experience in the field of business intelligence having worked at Thomson Reuters, Mergermarket and Dow Jones before joining scoutAsia at its inception. A young son and refurbishing a traditional Chinese house on Lantau island keep him from paragliding and skydiving as much as he used to.


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