Gain a deep understanding of companies in Asia using quality data, news and insight.


A scoutAsia subscription helps you search and build a detailed understanding of more than 730,000 Asian target companies across more than 20 countries in East Asia, South Asia and ASEAN.

Finding information on significant private firms, their connections and real-life business contexts has always been a challenge. scoutAsia makes it faster and simpler.

Now you can easily perform competitor analysis, stay informed about companies of interest, and make decisions based on unrivalled data, powerful analysis tools and world-class journalism.



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Why subscribe?

scoutAsia helps you discover, monitor and target companies in key Asian markets by combining the power of the Financial Times and Nikkei, two of the world's most respected business news organisations.

We can help you spot new opportunities and track prospects with maximum efficiency using combined data from an array of trusted sources.

Take advantage of our cutting-edge AI technology and expert human oversight to gather information and news about your target companies.

A scoutAsia subscription will help you:

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    Find information on more than 700,000 companies across Asia

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    Research most listed and private businesses with at least $10m of revenue or 150 employees

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    Monitor companies in global and local news

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    Build sophisticated lists and searches

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    Stay up-to-date with companies you’re tracking via our useful email alerts

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    View connection maps that intuitively visualise the ownership structure of your target company

Our news and data sources

We aggregate data from trusted sources, industry-specific reports, news publications and more.

We validate and correct data using machine learning and a human curation team.

You get access to the most accurate data available.


Sources include:


  • and other FT group publications

  • The Nikkei Asian Review and other Nikkei group specialist titles

  • The world's leading corporate databases, such as Bureau Van Dijk, CreditSafe and FactSet

  • Over 20 English-language Asian news sources, including The South China Morning Post, Caixin and The Hindustan Times

  • Analyst reports from the world's leading consultancy firms and other research organisations, including EMIS and FT Confidential Research

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