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Press Releases added to scoutAsia

Dear Users,

We are delighted to announce that scoutAsia now features Press Releases issued by Asian companies and organisations through Business Wire, one of the two leading providers of press releases globally.

You can find them by using our News Search function and then clicking on the "Source" filter and selecting "Press Releases". They are still a tiny part of our archive -- currently we have just over 1,000 compared to more than 2 million news articles -- but they will grow over time, with dozens of new ones being added each day.

The main utility for you, we believe, comes from the fact that you can now research and track developments at companies you are interested in, such as product launches, smaller investments and various other activities that may not justify a news story and therefore won't be reported by the media. Yet such information -- for example, the fact that Samsung has doubled the storage speed in its next generation of mobile phones or that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hitachi are market leaders in heavy duty gas turbines -- could still be very valuable.

Of course, press releases should be regarded as a form of marketing and the company issuing them will always be presenting itself in the best light possible. But we are confident that you are aware of this and will take overly grand statements with a pinch of salt. Meanwhile, the facts contained in any press release will have been verified and double checked, so you can rely on their accuracy.

We have made sure that any press release that mentions a specific scoutAsia company is available on that company's Company Page, where you will find it integrated into the News Feed, but still clearly labelled "PRESS RELEASE" so you can distinguish it from independent news reporting and, indeed, opinion & analysis. 

By adding press releases we are also increasing the company connections within scoutAsia since many of the releases are announcements of co-operations between companies: joint ventures, marketing collaborations or investments in one another. Again, this could turn out to be valuable context.

Finally, if you want to see photos or videos associated with any press release (and many of them feature multi-media elements these days) then please click through to the original URL from Business Wire at the bottom of each release....before returning to scoutAsia to continue your research.


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