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A new window into South Korea

South Korea is not having an easy time of it economically, at the moment. Hurt by the global trade war, a slowdown in China, its biggest export market and falling corporate investment at home, Moody's has just lowered its GDP forecast for 2019 to 2.1%, sharply lower than last year's 2.7%. Politically, too, President Moon Jae-in is in a difficult position following the failure of the Trump-Kim summit which he had heavily backed as part of his overarching policy of engagement with North Korea. 

None of that, however, should detract from the underlying strengths of South Korea, which remains one of the most dynamic markets in Asia, with a vibrant corporate sector, a highly-educated and diligent workforce and great strength and depth in technology. 

To enhance our coverage of Korea, scoutAsia has added a content feed from The Korea JoongAng Daily, one of the country's three English-language newspapers. Most of the articles are written in English by dedicated staff, with a few additional pieces translated from the JoongAng Ilbo (English: The Central Times), its Korean-language parent.

 The paper, which stresses its impartiality, was the official newspaper of Korea's 2018 Winter Olympics and its articles are also used in national English language tests. The feed we receive in scoutAsia focuses on business, economics, markets and politics. We hope you find it useful.

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