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Sourcing Asian tech news

News about technology remains one of the hottest -- if not, the hottest -- category of news. Globally and certainly in Asia.

To enhance our coverage of this sector, we have this week added KrASIA as a news feed on scoutAsia. By the by, we are now up to over 30 sources from around our region.

KrASIA is the first English-language offshoot of 36Kr, a leading tech and business portal in China, that has chronicled the mainland's digital transformation over the past decade. Its new service plans to focus on south-east Asia and its growing number of start-ups, entrepreneurs, their venture capital backers, suppliers and networks.

It is headquartered in Singapore and has a team of reporters and editors around the ASEAN region, with the aim of reporting both original news and actionable insights for business founders and investors. This ranges from getting down into the weeds to report developments at individual companies - such as this piece on Alibaba's food delivery platform --  to keeping an eye on larger trends: here is an article on the roll-out of hydrogen refuelling stations to power clean cars. While most of KrASIA's articles are short and easy to digest, it does do longer deep dives into a topic as well as interviews of leading executives. here is one with the boss of Thunes, a Singaporean payments company.

We hope you enjoy this addition to our coverage.


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