scoutAsia Custom Solutions

A ScoutAsia Custom Solution is an installation of our AI technology, customised to solve news monitoring, media intelligence, enterprise search and knowledge management problems in your business.

With ever more data collected and produced, customers and senior management expect organisations to derive and deliver meaningful insight, fast.

How can enterprises achieve this?

IDC predicts that by 2022, AI-powered organisations will respond to customers, competitors, regulators and partners at least 1/3 faster than their peers.

How Custom Solutions work

At scoutAsia, we leverage AI to read, classify and tag thousands of news articles for you. Apart from news, we can customise our AI and platform to better meet your business objectives. The outcome: easily extract insights for more timely, effective decisions.

  1. Choose your data sources
    - CRM System
    - Industry or trend reports
    - News sources or social media 
    - Internal documents (e.g. emails, chat)
  2. Create custom AI topics
    - Healthcare
    - Negative brand sentiments
    - Potential compliance issues
  3. Optimise your experience
    - An optimised dashboard built for your business

Enjoy top-class Machine Learning support

Our award-winning Machine Learning technology has been recognised by IDC Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) and CIO Advisor for its excellence.

Our dedicated team of Machine Learning experts is here to help you build the right AI models and optimise their performance, so you don’t have to.

Our customisation capabilities

Crafting a custom solution for your business starts with your brief. Below is a checklist to help you define that brief.




Default app features
  • Over 40 financial and business publications
  • Over 800,000 company profiles
  • Popular, pre-trained AI topics, ready for use
  • Custom AI topics
  • Portfolio alerts
  • AI training-as-a-service included
Which elements do you need customisation
  • Add data sources — news, websites, social media, document archives
  • Custom AI model “Build and configure”
  • Data extraction from digital text
  • Custom built dashboard
  • Research & development of new AI models
How can we integrate our solutions with your workflows?
  • Integrate third party data — corporate databases & data aggregation services
  • Export scoutAsia outputs to third party platforms and dashboards
  • Custom built business logic and workflows
  • AI training and knowledge transfer

Channel partnerships

Prefer to white label scoutAsia? We provide the following:

  • Data derivatives to your customers
  • Technology & APIs
  • Consultancy services to develop and train your in-house AI teams

Faster, smarter enterprises leverage AI

Optimised for corporate applications, our Machine Learning technology is focused on empowering the public sector and MNCs to monitor and manage data more effectively and efficiently.

“Knowledge Management” for large organisations

  • Classify and tag large volumes of documents, so it is simpler to retrieve key information for daily decisions

Montioring for Public Sector

  • Media sentiments & citizen responses
  • Specific industry landscapes
  • Issues of national security, terrorism, disasters & other major events
  • Internal documents such as emails and chats

Montioring for MNCs

  • Brand health
  • Consumer or client feedback for real-time intervention
  • Global industry landscape & competitors
  • Business disruptions due to terrorism, disasters & more
  • Internal documents such as emails and chat

Keen to explore further?

Let us discuss your brief and business needs. Email us at [email protected].