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Business Research

Find out who is doing what & where in the complex landscape in Asia. scoutAsia provides you with a consolidated subscription to corporate data & news at an affordable price.

Various use cases include preliminary market research on your investment,  prospecting for your new businesses, and getting analytical reports & news to help drawing your strategy.


Corporate Monitoring

Let scoutAsia perform 24/7 monitoring on thousands of articles across Asia daily to find out what’s new on your watchlist.

From management reshuffle, corporate mergers, financial findings to political movements and regulatory actions, scoutAsia read and analyse sources and deliver information that matters to you on the app as well as via email alerts.


Risk Detection

With our premium feature Connections+*, you can discover direct and indirect connections between people and companies instantly.

Instead of acquiring various sources and derive insights manually, scoutAsia helps you to uncover corporate linkages through its interactive relationship maps.

*Connections+ offers datasets for Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China.

Why scoutAsia?

  • Granular Insights from News & Reports

    Leverage our 50+ of the best business, financial & industrial news sources from 26 countries/region across Asia including Nikkei’s flagship publication Nikkei Asia.
    From international/national newspapers, exchange filings, sector reports to specialist publications, scoutAsia gives you a consolidated news subscription in one convenient platform.

  • Extensive Visibility of Asian Businesses

    scoutAsia App brings you a comprehensive database of public and private companies in Asia. Our quality data sources include Bureau Van Dijk, CreditSafe and FactSet.
    With our premium feature, Connections+, you can get access to all corporate registry data of Singapore, Malaysia or Vietnam for in-depth research on companies & people.

  • Customisable AI Technology

    Our “Scout AI” technology can reduce noise in your search results and mitigate the risk of missing a signal. Let machines read tons of news articles and pick up the right content for you. With scoutAsia Web App subscription, you can build custom AI topics for your search as well as for daily alerts.

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