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Vietnam enjoys a solid economic expansion over the years. The country has established itself as a high growth destination for international business and foreign investment.

Nikkei ScoutAsia provides you with comprehensive assets & monitoring tools for your regional strategies, business development and market analysis.

Available Sources on Vietnam

Nikkei ScoutAsia gives you easier access to a wide range of data such as company profiles, connections, industry reports and news from trusted sources.
VN Express
The English edition of VnExpress, a news website in Vietnam
Viet Nam News
English-language daily newspaper in Hanoi
News on trade and customs developments in Vietnam
Vietnam Investment Review
Economic & business publication founded by the Vietnamese government
Nikkei Asia
News on politics, the economy, business and international affairs across the Asian region
Corporate Data
The world's most powerful comparable data resource on private companies
Vietnam's leading integrated service provider of financial data, business information, industry research and other premium data-driven analytics services
Bureau Van Dijk
The world's most powerful comparable data resource on private companies
Sector Report
In-depth industry reports on selected Asian emerging markets, with many graphs and diagrams to visualise key data
Industry overview reports, covering status, sales & production trends, and competitive landscape/market share

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Business Research

Business Research

Our clients use scoutAsia for preliminary research on their future investment, potential customers, partners or competitors from the database of 5 million companies opearating in Asia.
Corporate Monitoring

Corporate Monitoring

Create actionable insights with unique news and content
Risk Detection

Risk Detection

Identify potential risks & opportunities by performing background checks

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