Filter and AI-generated summaries are now available for Trending Topics

Trending Topics

We have updated one of our AI-powered features, from Trending News to Trending Topics. The purpose of Trending News is to give users a quick macro sense of the top topics or events recently covered by multiple news publishers. Please see the previous blog post for more background details about Trending News.  

Today, the updated Trending Topics section offers much more valuable features, including: 

 Region Filter  

Instead of just looking from a macro perspective, users can now dive deeper by focusing on the top stories about China, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong or Japan. With this filtering function, Users can get a better insight into countries of their interest.

AI-generated Article Summaries  

We are now offering automated article summaries for the first time in scoutAsia product history found on the content cluster page! Our AI machine will generate 3 short summary sentences automatically and give them to you as 3 key pointers of each article. Apart from the automated key summaries, you can also see a circular graphic showing the relevance score of each article. These features on the content cluster page give you a quick sense of what has been discussed across publications on the topic.


Now, we take you quickly take you through the revamped Trending News features.  

When you are at the homepage of scoutAsia, the first thing you will notice is a listing of 10 trending topics. You may wish to start by filtering them according to the country of your choice. Click on the arrow down button next to the Globe icon to do so. Available countries to select from include China, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong or Japan. Once you have found a topic of interest, you may wish to select the topic card. This action step will bring you to the selected topic cluster page.

On your topic cluster page, you will see articles relating to the selected topic cluster. One pointer to note is that the number of related articles is also highly dependent on your subscription plan. The title of the topic cluster is usually extracted from the article with the highest relevance score.   

Below each article title, users can also grasp a quick understanding of the articles by reading through the 3 key pointers summary. These pointers are also generated from our AI machine.   

You will notice a graphic chart at the side of each article card that displays the relevancy score. Our AI technology automatically generates this relevancy score by rating it against the topic cluster.

We hope that these NEW AI-powered features will give you a friendlier user experience and a better grasp of monitoring news across publications, topics and countries. For more information, please reach out to your respective account managers or write to [email protected]  

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