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With a large number of news articles available, you might wish to sort out & receive important alerts only. There are various solutions available, but we think our Scout AI could fit your purposes.

What is “Scout AI”?

Scout AI is our AI-driven function for news search and monitoring. There are 30+ pre-trained topics that help you zoom in on your particular interest. By combining with other search functions, you can make the result even more region/industry-specific.

The new “Scout AI” topics are:

  • Economy
    Economic indicators including gross domestic product (GDP), employment and industrial production. Also covers news about government budgets and industries that impact the economy.
    Recent articles ScoutAI picks up (as of 1st April 2021):

    • Myanmar factory activity renews record low 2 months after coup, Nikkei Asia, 1st April
    • Economic Watch: China’s PMI rebounds as economy continues expansion, Xinhua, 1st April

  • Stocks
    Stock market movements and commentary on factors contributing to these changes.

    Recent articles ScoutAI picks up (as of 1st April 2021):

    • Sensex back above 50,000 but analysts say markets at ‘crucial juncture’, MINT, 1st April
    • Vietnam stock market reaches new historic peak, VNEXPRESS, 1st April

  • Currencies
    Currency movements and commentary on factors contributing to these changes.

    Recent articles ScoutAI picks up (as of 1st April 2021):

    • Dollar flies high near multi-month peak on US growth bets, The Edge Malaysia, 1st April
    • Company’s assumed exchange rate, fiscal year 2021, is 106.07 yen TANKAN survey, The Nikkei, 1st April

  • Interest Rates
    Changes to interest rates by central banks or monetary authorities. Also includes the outlook on interest rates. This new topic “Interest Rates” is a sub-topic of “Monetary Policy”. It offers more granular search results.

    Recent articles ScoutAI picks up (as of 1st April 2021):

    • Turkey’s Monetary Policy Goes Astray, Market Confidence Diminished, Lira Continues to Weaken, The Nikkei, 31st March
    • Monetary policy in 2021 will remain accommodative, says BNM, The Edge Malaysia, 31st March 

Where I can find other “Scout AI” topics?

From the “Scout AI” button on the top-right of your ScoutAsia web app homepage, or from the “Alert Settings”, you could get access to the full list of Standard Scout AI topics.

The pre-trained Standard AI topics currently include:

  • Covid 19 related topics (Vaccines, Treatment, Testing)
  • Market-related (Stocks, Currencies, Interest Rates)
  • Macroeconomy (Monetary Policy, Economy)
  • Business trends (Business expansion, Digitalisation, Upsizing & Layoffs)
  • Financials (Earnings Upgrade/Downgrade, Financial Distress)
  • Corporate monitoring (Management changes, Mergers & Acquisitions)  and so on

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