Get Insights Quickly with Radar

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Get Insights Quickly with Radar

Radar was first launched as a beta feature last year and we’re excited to share with you the next evolution. In this iteration, you can look forward to:

  • A “sync relationship” between your Saved Items and Radar to simplify set-up and editing

  • Email alerts on each Radar highlighting insights relevant to the latest curated news – Learn about the top topics, companies, and sectors in the past day

  • Email alerts on each Radar showing specific Active Companies from your synced Company List in the past day

What does this “sync relationship” mean for me?

In our first iteration of Radar, News Filters and Company Lists were copied to Radar. This means that any changes made to your News Filters and Company Lists will not be reflected in the Radar instance of what you have saved initially. In other words, if you have a single list of Companies you’re monitoring, you will end up having 2 instances of the same list on ScoutAsia when you add it to Radar.

Copy vs Synced Saved Items

The new “sync relationship” changes that. Syncing allows you to maintain only 1 instance of your Saved Items. Updates made to your saved items will be reflected, and flows through to Radar. In addition, you can now easily swap lists and filters to a Radar; making it easy to refine your Radar to meet your evolving needs.

Sync Saved Item to Radar

This is especially useful when you have multiple Filters or Company Lists related to angles you want to monitor. For example, you can apply the same set of News Filters to multiple Radars with different Company Lists, or try any other combinations that best suit your usage.

Radars with Same Filters

How does insights from Radar Email Alerts help me?

ScoutAsia Radar Alert Email

Radar Email Alerts are sent daily, and informs you if the companies you are monitoring, are being mentioned. With a glance at Active Companies, you can find out, how many companies from your list, have news mentions in the past 24 hours.

News Highlights show you quick statistics of your news feed such as notable topics, companies, and sectors so you can get a pulse on the news for that day.

The Radar Alert email also offers a glimpse of your Radar, with 5 latest articles presented with 3-point summaries.

All these, work together to bring you a more focused email update, backed with insights to help with your day-to-day decision-making. You can also turn on/off Radar email alerts so you can decide if you want to receive emails for all your Radars.

How do I set up Radar?

Each Radar can contain

  • 3 News filters

  • 1 Company filter

  • 1 Company list

There are 2 ways you can set up Radar

  1. From Radar

  2. From your existing Saved Items


From Radar

  1. Click on “Radar” from the main navigation bar

  2. Name your Radar

  3. Sync a Filter or List

Create from Radar

From your existing Saved Items

  1. Click on the Bookmark icon from the main navigation bar
  2. Click on the toggle to select Radar to sync to
  3. Create new Radar

Create from Saved Items

We hope that you enjoy these updates made to Radar. For further reading, you may refer to Radar Case Studies to be inspired on how you can customise Radar to meet your needs.

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