Keep a lookout for the next wave of Digitalisation, Business Expansion, Upsizing & Layoffs

layoff & upsizing

2021 is the year of rebuilding, a year where digital transformation has accelerated quickly. As businesses embrace new innovations, what are the necessary adaptation required in order to help your business grow?

ScoutAsia’s “Scout AI” technology works for you to watch news about trending topics in the post-pandemic economy. Our machine learning-powered feature “Scout AI” understands context better than keyword-based search and sorts out relevant news & updates from thousands of articles daily. You can use the “Scout AI” for search and news alerts.

The new “Scout AI” topics are:

1. Digitalisation

The use of digital technologies to improve processes and transform businesses. Also includes news about government initiatives to support digitalisation efforts.
Recent articles ScoutAI picks up (as of 3 March 2021):

  •  “Axis Bank launches WhatsApp banking. All you need to know”, MINT, 03 Mar 2021
  •  “Health records go digital to fight fakes, restart air travel in Singapore”, THE STRAITS TIMES, 02 Mar 2021


2. Business Expansion

Business expansion plans including production capacity and store count increases, entering new markets and growing distribution channels. Also includes news on the growth in a business’ user base.
Recent articles ScoutAI picks up (as of 3 March 2021):

  • “Singapore Digest: Easy Eat raises funds; AirAsia launches food delivery in city-state” DEALSTREETASIA, 03 Mar 2021
  • “Uber to expand nonfood delivery from stores in Japan”, NIKKEI ASIA, 02 Mar 2021

3. Upsizing & Layoffs

Actual or planned hiring activities/job reductions.
Recent articles ScoutAI picks up (as of 3 March 2021):

  •  “Goldman Sachs to hire 100 tech staff in Singapore”, THE EDGE (SINGAPORE), 03 Mar 2021 –
  • “Five things to know about ExxonMobil’s Singapore layoffs”, THE BUSINESS TIMES, 03 Mar 2021


“Scout AI” topics cover a broad range of business topics such as Covid-19 related (testing, treatment and vaccines), merger & acquisitions, financial distress, credit ratings, earning upgrade/downgrade and management changes.

Pro-tip: Finding Macroeconomic overview

Macroeconomic Overview

ScoutAsia Web App provides a macroeconomic overview across countries in Asia Pacific. Let’s begin by selecting one specific country from the top menu “Country & regions”.

Countries & Region

Each country page gives you:

  • Sector Reports from Ashu Research
  • Macro Statistics from Economist Intelligence Unit
  • Country Reports from EMIS
  • List of Companies
  • List of Related News


For the lists of companies and news, you can narrow them down by industries.

Country & Industry Breakdown


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