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ESG Scout AI

ESG stands for Environmental, Social & Governance. Investors and consumers today place more value in supporting ESG-conscious businesses. However, analysing these non-financial factors properly is still challenging.  

To assist users to monitor ESG-related matters & events, we recently added some topics including climate change, green building and construction, labour rights and employee welfare and human rights to our AI-powered news monitoring feature called “ScoutAI”. Here are some more details about each topic.

1. Climate Change

News articles concerning carbon dioxide emissions levels, United Nations Climate Change Conference, climate pledges by countries and carbon-reducing renewable projects. Scout AI will also crawl out the news that focuses on the impact of climate change.

Examples of tagged articles on 8th July, 2022:

Climate Change Sco

2. Green buildings and construction 

News articles relating to the construction and operation of environmentally-friendly buildings and building materials. Scout AI will also crawl news on certifications and overarching rules and regulations. 

Examples of tagged articles on 8th July, 2022:

3. Human Rights 

News articles relating to the rights of humans and also their human rights protection and violations. This will tag news relating to human rights issues from a general level.  

Examples of tagged articles on 8th July, 2022:

4. Labour rights and employee welfare 

As a subset of the Human rights category, this topic focus on labour rights and employee welfare, including working conditions, safety and remuneration from the company and corporate standpoint. If you are looking specifically from the corporate standpoint relating to the context of the employee, Labour rights and employee welfare would make more sense. 

Examples of tagged articles on 8th July, 2022:

Keen to learn more? 

ScoutAsia web app subscription comes with more than 50 ScoutAI topics including ESG related ones mentioned above. If you are keen on exploring our Scout AI capabilities, sign up for a free trial today. 


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