Monitor multiple angles in one place with Radar


To understand what is truly going on about a topic, an industry or a market, you will want to monitor things from many angles.

Our latest feature “Radar” is designed to help you organise your watchlists & searches, monitor sectors or topics from different angles, and discover new businesses or companies to watch.

For example, if you are watching Chinese tech industries & apps, you would be interested in news relating to the individual apps & services, politics & regulations on the tech industries, and of course, the overall startup/tech landscape in China. Radar allows you to monitor these topics all in one place.

Key features that Radar give you include:

  • AI-driven Article Summaries 
    Each article is summarised into 3 sentences. You will be able to get what’s reported before reading full articles.

  • Most Mentioned Companies
    You can find a ranking of companies based on the number of mentions within your news feeds. There might be relevant companies you haven’t yet included in your watchlist.


On your web app homepage, Radar cards sit on the top and will notify you of updates, discoveries & movements around your watchlist & news feeds.

Radar is still a beta and an evolving feature. By developing this feature, we are aiming to offer a better user experience in watching & understanding trends in Asia businesses.

For more details on the current Radar feature, please feel free to download this user guide.

If you are a scoutAsia user, you can ask your account manager to enable the feature or email us at [email protected]

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