ScoutAsia launches company research tool for Singapore, Malaysia & Vietnam


1 September 2020 — ScoutAsia, a Nikkei and Financial Times joint information service, announce the full commercial release of Connections+, a powerful interactive research tool for company and people relationship data across Asia.


  • Gives access to reliable, up-to-date registry data for all public and private companies in  Singapore,  Malaysia, and  Vietnam.
  • Has powerful relationship maps that show  direct and indirect connections between companies and people, giving users deep insights that would otherwise take days of manual work to collate.
  • Includes Entity Profile,  RED list, and  Entity Information reports.
  • Allows users to monitor any shareholding and directorship changes with email alerts.

Toshio Machida, Managing Director of Nikkei FT ScoutAsia Ltd, said: “With this new feature we aim to make our customers corporate monitoring, risk detection and research more efficient, and ultimately to help our customers make better informed business decisions.”

Daryl Neo, Chief Commercial Officer, added: “Now is a great time to do business in Asia. To be successful, one must have a keen grasp of the business relationship networks in each market.  Connections+ is a powerful risk assessment tool when researching a company for a potential merger, acquisition, partnership or investment. Traditionally, people would need to manually identify companies, purchase business profile reports and analyse data by hand. Connections+ reduces cost and automates this time-consuming third-party monitoring task.”

ScoutAsia’s Connections+ maps let users graphically investigate the connections between companies and people with up to three degrees of separation. A map can be fully customised and exported as a PDF, and is an essential risk detection tool.

Connections+ is jointly developed by DC Frontiers, award-winning data analytics and AI provider based in Singapore. Nikkei and DC Frontiers announced a business and capital tie-up in October last year.

For more information, please contact [email protected].
1-minute introduction video:

About ScoutAsia

Jointly developed by Nikkei and the Financial Times in 2018, ScoutAsia is an AI-driven news and company data platform focusing on Asia. Combining quality content and technologies, ScoutAsia provides insights & signals on Asian businesses with the ultimate aim of enabling customers towards better and informed decisions.
ScoutAsia currently curates news from 50+ publications and data from more than 800,000 public & private companies across the region.

About Handshakes by DC Frontiers

Handshakes by DC Frontiers is a trusted DataTech company based in Singapore.
Started in 2011, their two founders experienced first-hand the difficulty of discovering connections between persons and entities. In an effort to solve this challenge, they began working on a solution that combined reliable data with adaptive technologies to enable greater market transparency and faster risk detection. The result is their award winning Handshakes App.
They have since further invested in key technologies such as artificial intelligence to improve the speed at which their clients are able to extract quality, data-driven insights reducing workflows from months to weeks, days and hours.

PDF versions of this Press Release:


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