ScoutAsia news monitoring email alerts now cover specialist industry & trade websites


What makes scoutAsia different from other news monitoring email alert services is that we use Nikkei and the Financial Times’ deep editorial experience to carefully select only the highest quality sources from across Asia. This ensures the email alerts on Asia companies and industries focus on the strongest signals and minimises the noise.

Today we’re pleased to officially launch Web Content. This brings content from the following specialist industry and trade websites to the scoutAsia platform:

  • Asia Times (Hong Kong)
  • CNA Channel News Asia (Singapore)
  • Construction Review Online (Kenya)
  • Customs News (Vietnam)
  • Global Construction Review (UK)
  • Hotel Management Magazine (USA)
  • Mingtiandi (Hong Kong)
  • Railway Technology (UK)
  • S&P Platts (USA)
  • S&P Platts Blog (USA)
  • The Construction Index (UK)
  • The Irrawaddy (Myanmar)
  • Travel Daily Media (Singapore)
  • TTR Weekly (Thailand)
  • Vietnam Insider (Vietnam)

You can find these in a News search under “Web Content” in “Source”, and they’re included in scoutAsia’s default sources. Customers with appropriate email alerts will already have started receiving content from these sources automatically.

Unlike articles from other news providers, which you can read directly within scoutAsia, Web Content articles work like Google search results. Articles from these sources show a short snippet, and clicking on them takes you directly to the publisher’s website where you can read the article in full. Our AI-powered name entity recognition and classification work as with these sources as expected, as do search and Daily Digest alerts.

We will continue to add Web Content sources to further increase the depth of our news monitoring coverage of Asia. Please let us know if there is content you’d like to see included in scoutAsia.

This week at scoutAsia

Pro tip: The Web Content article icon

Web Content articles are indicated by a small “external link” icon beside their source name on article cards. In the scoutAsia app these will take you to a summary article page, which links to the full article on the publisher’s site. In the Daily Digest, these link directly to the publisher’s site.


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