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How Intelligent Wave has upgraded their internal and external communications with Nikkei ScoutAsia


Q1. What made you motivated to consider ScoutAsia subscription?

Local news and insights are important to us to understand the latest developments in our markets of focus, and shape market expansion strategies.

Nikkei ScoutAsia is a promising platform that has helped streamline data gathering and analysis on our project areas around cybersecurity and financial resilience. Its pricing is also in line with our expectations.

Q2. Which parts of ScoutAsia web app do you benefit from?

One of the benefits of ScoutAsia is increased operational efficiency. Customizable email alerts that come out every morning help us get insight into the latest news and developments on our target companies. This streamlines intelligence gathering and data analysis activities that are essentially time-consuming and manual tasks, allowing my team to focus on their core competencies. I also like their customer-first approach, and their efforts in leveraging our feedback in the product development process.

In addition, articles offered by ScoutAsia are all in English and provide a wide variety of topics and related news, making it attractive as it can be easily used for information sharing and discussion with overseas customers.

For Intelligent Wave, ScoutAsia is an important business resource for creating project reports that our management uses for review and decision-making.

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