2021.07.12 news

Best-in-Class Data Sources of Private & Public Companies in Asia

To ensure that you don’t miss any important updates about the company you’re tracking, you will need to constantly keep an eye on a variety of sources, including news media, corporate social media, stock exchange filings, and more. And to do this effectively, it is advisable to make use of a company data platform like ScoutAsia which aggregates information from numerous reliable sources and leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to highlight the most relevant data.

Introducing the Reliable Corporate Data Sources Curated by ScoutAsia

  • FactSet
    ScoutAsia has partnered with FactSet, a company that provides instant, anywhere, anytime access to financial data and analytics to help investors make well-informed decisions. Subscribers can access FactSet’s extensive database of information on a long list of private and public companies.
  • Bureau van Dijk
    The ScoutAsia platform includes company data from Bureau van Dijk, a Moody’s-owned analytics firm that focuses on private companies. Bureau van Dijk provides ScoutAsia users with information on companies in a range of Asian economies.
  • CreditSafe
    CreditSafe has been providing comprehensive credit reports on business owners and companies around the world since its founding in 1997. The company provides detailed data on private Japanese firms to ScoutAsia subscribers.
  • FiinGroup
    FiinGroup is Vietnam’s leading provider of financial data and data-driven analytics services. The company has been partners with Nikkei Inc and QUICK Corp since 2014 and ScoutAsia subscribers benefit from access to its comprehensive knowledge about businesses operating in Vietnam.
  • Venture Intelligence
    ScoutAsia offers information on Indian private companies via Venture Intelligence. Venture Intelligence has established itself as the leading source of information and analysis on private company financials, transactions, and valuations in India.
  • FWP Research
    Information on Myanmar-based companies is available on the ScoutAsia platform via FWP Research, a Japan-affiliated market and corporate research company. Myanmar is a country with a lot of investment potential but it can be difficult for international companies to navigate its business landscape as the country had a closed economy for many years. The information provided by FWP Research is essential for companies seeking to understand the Myanmar market.
  • Exchange Filings
    Timely disclosure contains a great deal of highly valuable information, but a large number of filings can be overwhelming as well as most of them are published in PDF format without proper tagging on content which is not friendly for search. ScoutAsia uses AI to scour filings on the stock exchanges of Singapore and Hong Kong and automatically extract the most important information.
  • Corporate Registries
    ScoutAsia offers a premium add-on feature called “Connections+”. This feature allows subscribers to get up-to-date information on individuals and businesses from registries of all public and private companies in four key emerging Asian markets — Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China. Users can also view maps showing direct and indirect connections between organisations and persons and set up alerts for leadership and shareholding changes at target companies.

The Smarter Way to Keep Track of Timely and Relevant Information

Researching companies in Asia can be difficult given the vast number of business and financial news sources available. Monitoring all these sources and extracting the most relevant information is a daunting task for researchers. The challenge is compounded by the fact that the Asian business landscape is largely shaped by private firms and it can be difficult to find reliable up-to-date information about them.

ScoutAsia provides extensive corporate data & news from reliable partners on a single easy-to-use platform, eliminating the need to scour the web to find the most reliable and relevant information. The platform has built-in AI features that can monitor the news and extract and organise data about the specific companies and topics that you’re interested in.

In addition, the Connections+ feature presents you with carefully organised corporate registry data from four major Asian economies and makes it easy to visualise relationships between individuals and organisations.

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