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Using AI to curate thousands of news articles every day, we are providing some AI-powered features at scoutAsia. Today, we are pleased to share our latest updates on the enhanced scoutAI” feature which gives users the ability to use machines for searching & monitoring news about particular subjects.  

Newly released scoutAI topics include: 

1. Cybersecurity 

  • News about cybersecurity incidents, attacks and trends. 
  • News Example: Cyber Attack on Bridgestone’s U.S. Subsidiary Causes Plant to Temporarily Halt Operations, THE NIKKEI, 18 Mar 2022

2. International Relations

  • News on political-related interactions and activities between nations. 
  • International Relations is a subtopic of Political Development’ which covers broader topics such as elections, referendums, political scandals, sanctions, changes to political leadership and official visits. 
  • News Example: G-7 foreign ministers agree to keep up pressure on Russia, KYODO NEWS, 18 Mar 2022

3. Terrorism

  • News about terrorism. 
  • News Example: Pakistan witnesses unprecedented rise in attacks and arrests against Shia minority, says report, ASIAN NEWS INTERNATIONAL, 18 Mar 2022

4. Accident & Emergency Incidents

  • News about human-related accidents, including but not limited to industrial, construction, and traffic accidents. 
  • News Example: Another Taiwanese air force jet crashes during training run, SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST, 14 Mar 2022 

5. Natural Disasters

  • News related to natural disasters, including but not limited to floods, earthquakes, wildfires, volcanic disruption, snowstorms, and tsunamis. 
  • Natural Disasters is the high-level topic of Floods & Wildfire 
  • News Example: Landslide in Peruvian Andes buries dozens of homes, THE MANILA TIMES, 17 Mar 2022  

6. Floods

  • News about floods. 
  • Floods is a subtopic of Natural Disasters 

7. Wildfire

  • News about wildfires. 
  • Wildfire is a subtopic of Natural Disasters 
  • News Example: Over 7,300 evacuated due to S. Korean wildfires, NEW STRAITS TIMES, 08 Mar 2022


What is the best topic that suits my interest the most?  

Within scoutAIs, there are more than 40 topics right now and you might wonder how to pick the right one to follow.

Actually, not all of them are independent topics. There are a few Parent-Child relationships. A parent topic covers broader ideas around a subject and a child topic covers more specific subjects. Through expanding this parent-child structure within scoutAI topics, we are aiming to grow the comprehensiveness and depth of the coverage to meet our customers’ needs.  

Parent & child relationships in the current scoutAI topics 


Suppose you are monitoring news around fundraising activities of startups in general, but more specifically about ongoing IPOs. In that case, you can monitor news with “Fund Raising” tagging on the app, and set up email alerts on the subtopic “Initial Public Offering”. 

If you are only keen on receiving updates on IPOs of a specific sector or a region, you may do so by layering sector and country filtering accordingly. Below is an example of how users can search news with the scoutAI topics.  

Example of searching with child scoutAI 

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