Connections+ is a premium option of the scoutAsia app subscription that helps a variety of intelligent works such as KYC, due diligence and procurement checks.


Our Capabilities


Reliable Data of Companies

Get access to reliable, up-to-date registry data for all public and private companies in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Vietnam to gain better insights into the companies and people you investigate. 


Powerful Visualisation Features

Discover direct and indirect connections between companies and persons instantly. Our proprietary map features visualise past and present directorship, shareholders and regulatory events.


Ready-to-use Reports

Gain actionable intelligence about person or company you investigate. Connections+ brings you a quick and effective way to check an entity profile and direct/indirect exposure to regulatory actions

Why ScoutAsia

Having a keen grasp of the relationship networks is vital to succeeding in Asia.

Instead of manually collecting information in various formats, scoutAsia helps to complete your research within a single platform. From company profiles to news articles, you get full access to the quality information about Asian businesses.

With visual maps & reports of Connections+, our premium option of the app, you can discover past & present relations between people and companies instantly.

Visualise relations between
persons and companies within seconds

Assess your potential relationship risk with our intelligent maps & reports.
Connections+ helps you perform Know-Your-Customer research or compliance checks on companies more efficiently.

  • Our Company Registry Sources

    • Get access to reliable, up-to-date registry data for all public and private companies in SingaporeMalaysia, China and Vietnam
    • Discover past & present connections between people and companies with powerful relationship map features 
  • Visualise Corporate Linkages

    • Radial Map shows past and present, direct and indirect connections related to a single entity or person.
    • Legal Beneficial Ownership Map shows you a company’s ultimate owners.
    • Interconnection Map shows you past and present connections of up to three degrees between two or more selected entities.
    • Investee Companies Map shows you the companies directly and indirectly owned by a person or entity.
  • Gain Actionable Intelligence Reports

    • Entity Profile Report shows you an entity's directorships, shareholdings, probable associates and charges.
    • RED List Report shows you a person or entity’s direct and indirect exposure to past regulatory actions.
    • Entity Information Report outlines an entity’s financial highlights and direct relationships.
  • Key Functions of Map Interface

    • Gain quick access to entity information and relevant financial highlights
    • Monitor any shareholding and directorship changes with email alerts
    • Toggle and download data in a table or excel format
    • Save your map or download them directly to your computer
    • Share maps & reports with colleagues

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