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AI Machines


Dashboard & Alerts

Designed for Smarter & Faster Enterprises

Combining the best of technology with human intelligence, we make your workflow more efficient by distinguishing between relevant data and noise and turning them into contextualised business insights.

  • Select Data Sources of Your Choice

    • News, websites & social media
    • Public data sources & reports
    • Internal documents and emails
    • CRM and ERP data
    • PDF, Word, Excel, CSV and all text-based documents
    • Corporate and Financial information
  • Customise to your Specifications

    • Build & configure custom AI models
    • Design your dashboard
    • Identify, Extract and Classify information
    • Create alerts that monitor all your data for you
    • Integrate with 3rd party software
    • Build your business logic and workflow into scoutAsia
  • Implement Your Solutions Anywhere You Like

    • Deploy scoutAsia on the cloud or on-premise
    • Access to your solution from any web browser on PCs, tablets and mobile phones
    • Supply your own infrastructure or lease "complete solutions" from us

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