Our Capabilities

Combining the best of technology with human intelligence, our Technology Solutions make the process more efficient by distinguishing between relevant data and noise and turn them into contextualized business insights.


Search through Piles of Information

Let machines learn what you need and process a deluge of data on your behalf.
From news, social, internal documents, financial statements to emails, AI can handle any digital data or texts and brings you integrated results & insights.


Award-winning AI Professionals

Partnered with Handshakes by DC Frontiers, a team of experienced engineers & tech solution experts will figure out your challenges and create an optimal solution for you. 


Dedicated AI Training Service

The more you train your machine, the better the machine get along with your daily work.
Our skilled machine learning specialists will support you all the way through so you get optimal performance of the solution.

Why ScoutAsia?


The ever-increasing amount of information, data, channels and interfaces is everyone’s headache in business.

Leveraging the capability of natural language processing, machine learning and smart search & monitoring that we developed for ScoutAsia App, you can design machines on your own and customise it in any environment.

Our team of experts will help you to come up with the right solution.

What's New at ScoutAsia

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